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Deep Publishing Of Related Items With Sitecore Experience Editor

Problem : Let's assume that we have callout on our page, this callout has Image, summary and list of Links: In Sitecore content tree, we will have folder contains this callout,  and Links as children: and we have component to display this callout and we are pointing to that callout by datasource property : Now when we change anything on … Continue reading Deep Publishing Of Related Items With Sitecore Experience Editor

Setting up indexes for multi-site Sitecore

When you  start working on multi-sites project ,one of the things will come cross your mind is indexing, and do we really need one index or it is better to have multi indexes. I was working on 16 websites running on one Sitecore instance, actually those websites are using different content,  so each website has its … Continue reading Setting up indexes for multi-site Sitecore

Create application in sitecore

If you search on the web "how to create application in Sitecore", you will find most articles are talking about SPEAK. but in this post i will explain another simple approach to have an application in Sitecore, if you don't want to use speak UI components. In my example I will create an application to display list of requests coming from a form on the … Continue reading Create application in sitecore

Custom Caching In Sitecore

Sitecore has a great caching mechanism,   in this post I will explain how you can implement custom caching with Sitecore for our custom objects to have better performance. I have Sitecore Setting item, it contains the path for the website navigations. I am using glass mapper to cast settings item to my class: public class SettingsModel … Continue reading Custom Caching In Sitecore